Whatdo you understand by the term development? Would all sections ofsociety benefit from such a definition of development?

Developmentis a process that ensures good quality of life to all the people interms of happiness, harmony and satisfaction of essential needs. Itis related to improvement, progress and aspirations of people. Thisdefinition of development would benefit all the sections of societyas it shows the basic need approach. It allows more people to makemeaningful choices and the pre-condition for this is the fulfilmentof basic needs like food, education, health and shelter.

Theprevious concepts of development that were based on only economicgrowth have not been beneficial for poor people andenvironment and have resulted in a wide gap between rich and poor andimbalanced ecology. Therefore, a definition that aims towardsimproving the quality of people’s life would justify theessence of development.

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