what will be the effect on ppc due to swach bharat mission

Although the context in which you are asking the question is not clear but as far as I  think, due to Swacch Bharat Mission, there will be a growth of investments in our country which will increase the growth in resources by which we will be able to produce more which will shift the PPC curve outwards.   Hope this helps!!!!!!!Thumbs up please

P.S. By the way , it was a preety good question.
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how there will be growth of investment ??
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The growth of investment will be due to India being more disciplined and presentable.
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hey,due to swach bharat abhiyan,the environment will be clean and because of this the workers will fall less ill due to this they will produce more and ppc will therefore shifts rightwards
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hope u like it
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There will be no change as no resources are affecting by this ... no resources is upgrading or obseleting

I hope that I'm right
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Due to swachh barath abiyan there would be an increase in the unskilled labour which would shift the curve towards right. This is due to the fact that the government would need more hands to have a clean India which would provide employmemt opportunity to many
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there will be a rightward shift in the ppc
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Straight answers : PPC or the Production Possibility Curve will in the long term shift righwards thereby expanding the economy due to increased employment, higher demand, more foreign currency inflow from tourists, better picture of India in the world, higher rankings, better ratings, multiplier effects, etc.

But how long? Very difficult to even beginning to comprehend a timeline. Right now, the Swach Bharat is struggling to survive and we do not know if it will. Namami Gange's, another flagship programme, fate is also in the balance. And even if we are to assume tomorrow these and many more such programmes become 100% efficient, then too it will take years alstogether to see even the slightest of results.

But that does not mean they are useless. They are possibly the more critical at this hour, the call of time and economic benefits aside, we have to look at ecological benefits and survive as a civilization.
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