What were the demands of Muslim league?

Dear student,

There were many clashes going on between Hindu Mahasabha and Muslim league on the fact of the representation in the assemblies that were to be elected in the future. Muslims felt that if they would give Congress it's way then they would be left with nothing and have to survive on mercy of Hindus. That's why they were following demands raised by Muslim league which are as follows:

1) Muslims wanted a separate state for them and urged their demand for Pakistan.

2) Muslim league also demanded the separate electorate for muslim communities and the representation would be in proportion to the population of Muslim dominated provinces ( Bengal and Punjab).

3) They also asked for reserved seats in Central Assembly.

Muslim league could only come with Congress if all their demands were fulfilled . This was the only way to get united back , but it was not successful one . It lead to the disintegration of both .

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