What was the condition of madras during colonial rule 10-15 sentences

  1. In the late eighteenth century, Madras emerged as one of the Presidencies during the colonial rule.
  2. With the establishment of railways in India, Madras was well connected with other Presidencies – Bombay and Calcutta.
  3. Consequently trade flourished in the surroundings of the city also.
  4. When Arthur Lawley was the Governor of madras, he encouraged establishment of industrial units, railways, modern agriculture and education.
  5. The city developed into a main naval station and a significant administrative region in South India during the British rule.
  6. However, the residing places of Indians and the British were divided.
  7. The British lived in the ‘white areas’ or ‘white town’ i.e. the areas in and around the Fort St. George.
  8. ‘Black areas’ or ‘black town’ emerged outside the white town where Indians lived.

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