What subjects were taught in the school?
what did the children learn in the school?
what was the very important theme of education system in miss beam's school ?
what was the system of education in miss beam's school?

Simple spelling, adding, subtracting, multiplying and writing was taught in the school.  The rest was done by reading to the students and interesting talks were held during which the students were expected to sit still and keep their hands quiet, that is, concentrate and pay attention without fidgeting.
Children learned how to do things.
The real aim of the school was not to teach thought but to inculcate thoughtfulness in the students. Kindness to others and being responsible citizens were the primary goals of the school when it came to imparting education.
The system of education at Miss Beam's school was to make exemplary citizens out of her students rather than those who had theoretical knowledge but did not know how to use it in their lives.

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