what role do the two letters playing the story The hundred dresses part 1 and 2nd

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In the story, the first letter from Mr. Petronski revealed the fact that Wanda was gone from the school. This letter made all the students in the class feel guilty of their behavior towards Wanda. They realised what they missed and regretted being rude and insensitive to her. Her friends Maddie and Peggy wanted to apologize for their mistake.

After a long wait, the second letter from Wanda was received. In this letter, Wanda conveyed her love and remembrance for her friends, especially for Maddie and Peggy that she intended to present each dress to both of them. This letter expressed Wanda's kindness and generosity. It was also a lesson for all the students to treat everyone equally with love and respect.

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This is a single story but this is devided into two parts one of them contains half of its story and other part contains the remaining story......

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what is the different between force and pressure ?
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Which subject again.?????
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Which subject????
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