What made Indians revolt against British?
Chapter :- Nationalism in India
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India was the colony of the Britishers . Britishers were always be so repressive and tortured Indians so much so that all the people came together to struggle against them. All the people from various social groups and classes participated in the national movement when they all were living under the same social, political and economic situation and finally decided to overthrow Britishers from India .
There were many reasons why Indians revolted against British and some of them are as follows:
? British imposed heavy taxes on Indians to manage their defence expenditure, during the first world war .

? They also forcefully recruited peasants into army which widespread the anger among Indians.

? The falling of food prices , epidermic also badly hit the commoners.

? Moreover, British passed may oppressive acts such as Rowlatt act, Inland Emigration Act of 1859 and the Jallianwalabagh massacre.
All these things aggravated Indians and finally all of them joined their hands together into National Movement with Gandhi..

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