What kind of change occurred in the European society during the Age of Enlightenment?

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Age of Enlightenment is also called age of reason. People started to look reason of every thing instead of comparing events with supernatural powers like in early middle ages. It was an intellectual and philosphical movement that was widespread in Europe during 17 and 18 centuries. Some major changes that occurred during enlightenment period were- separation of Church and State as people stopped religion to dominate state affairs. Primary source of Knowledge became evidence of senses instead of supernatural powers.
A great emphasis was given on ideals like liberty, fraternity, toleration, brotherhood, constitutional government, progress, reason and science. Other than this during Enlightenment period there was a remarkable progress in art, architecture, music and inventions too.
Also, absolute monarchy and catholic church were seen lowly and instead of them liberalism, communism and neoclassicism started taking roots during that period. Ideas of scholars were travelling through pamphlets, books, journals and coffehouse; all of them became prevalent during that period.



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