what is translatory motion?

 it is a motion in which each n every particle of a rigid body travels with the same speed.

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The motion of an object is said to be translatory if the position of the object is changing with respect to a fixed point or object. All the particles of a body excuting translatory motion move in the same direction traversing parallel paths.

The path traversed by the body in executing translatory motion may be either linear, circular, curve or any irregular shape. The motion will result in a change in location unless in the case where the body returns to its original location.

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 translatory motion means linear motion

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There are two types of motion

1.Translational motion

2.Rotational motion

In rotational motion, the body doesn't change its position with respect to a mean position.

Example: spinning top.

In translational motion, the body as a whole moves from one place to another with respect to a mean position.

Motion along one dimension is translatory motion. In this motions, direction of motion of all the particles of a rigid body are in same direction and having same velocities.

Example: motion of a car.

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