What is translational motion?

Translational Motion is a type of motion in which the body and every constituent particle move along a straight line with identical velocity in a particular direction (x, y or z). It is also known as linear motion.

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Translation motion are of two types -

1-rectilinear motion-when an object moves in a straight line, it pocesses rectilinear motion.

2-circular motion-when the ditance of an object from a fixed point remains constant, it pocesses circular motion. 

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Translational Motion is that in which all the particles of a body move through the same distance in the same time. 

Translational Motion is of two types : 

  1. Rectilinear/Linear Motion - The movement of a body along a straight line is called Rectilinear/Linear Motion. 
  2. Curvilinear Motion - When a body moves along a curved path, it is known as Curvilinear Motion.
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when the body move through the same distance at the same time the motion came to know as translational mortion.

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