What is the Theme and Moral of the story in the chapter 'The Tiger King' ?

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The Tiger King” is the story of a king who killed the tigers mercilessly just for delight and to prove his valour. The King commits a grave sin and thus was punished for his crime. Therefore it can be said the moral of this story is that man may be powerful but he is incompetent before death and his destiny. One should not be proud and arrogant about one’s supremacy because even a small object can turn out to be the reason for one’s defeat. Though the king was strong and commanding a toy tiger brought about his death. So the author wanted to say that instead of screening the pride of authority, one should enjoy his life. There is a proverb which affirms that pride comes before fall. This story also urges the reader to be kind towards nature and its creature. 

The tiger king is a satire on the arrogance of those in power. The writer employs great irony as well as humour in the story. The writer has succeeded in capturing the nuances of then and now the political system. The writer lampoons the king and the coteries who surround him. Most importantly, the story conveys the message of conserving wildlife and arouses a renewed interest in us regarding the preservation of ecology.


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