what is the significance of the line'few planes fly over firozabad'?

After meeting the bangle makers of Firozabad and seeing how miserable their situation is, the writer realises that mukesh's dream of being a motor mechanic may not sound exciting to the readers but for him, even that appears to be out of reach. She sees that how the vicious circle of politicians, bureaucrats, sahukars and policemen has put the burden of an old lineage on the future generations. Most people are so tired that they dont even think about breaking out of it. This makes the city look soo old and rather backward that flying an aeroplane is something a child cant even dream of. The statement metaphorically points out to the centuries old tradtion of bangle making which was now actually hampering growth and development of the community.

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It indicates that few planes only flew over Firozabad... as it was not the well known city n a backward city.. where only we can expect cars bt not much flyovers. It was causing huge trouble to the inhabiters of Firozabad.

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 This signifies that since a lot of cars can be seen in Firozabad, the dream to drive a car is still achievable. However, flying a plane isn't. (That's what I believe the significance to be)

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The previous lines also add to signify the sentence about his embarrassment that had not yet turned into regret that Mukesh doesn't want her to know that he didn't know about planes as he had never seen one. Hence he was embarrassed first but didn't regret for the lie because it was not his fault that planes didn't fly over Firozabad.
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These lines signify that Firozabad was not a developed city. There were no means and motivations for children to dream of flying planes. Also the children of Firozabad cannot cherish such far fetched dreams.
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I guess it means that no goals could be as high as flying a plane. Traditions hamper the development of future generations and hence they can't dream big enough.
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Firozobad was not a well developed city and only few airplanes fly over the city. Mukesh had only seen car going around in the streets of firozobad and his dreams were restricted only upto that. It was not his fault that only few airplanes fly over the city.
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