what is the relation between mole fraction and molality?

please can anyone explain it in a simple way....

Molality(m) can be defined as the number of moles of solute dissolved in 1 Kg of the solvent,
         Molality(m) = Number of moles of soluteMass of solvent in Kg
Mole fraction of a component in a solution is the ratio of the number of moles of that component to the total number of moles of all the components,
      For a binary solution of A & B,
          Mole fraction of A (XA) =  nAnA + nB Mole fraction of B(XB)  = nBnA + nBMoreover,     Total mole fraction of all the components of a solution is 1i.e, XA + XB = 1XAXB= nAnB= Moles of soluteMoles of solvent                    = wA×mBwB×mAXA×1000XB×mB=wA×1000wB×mA=mORXA×10001 - XA=m

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It is defined as the number of the moles of the solute present in 1 kg of the solvent, It is denoted by m.
  Molality (m) = Number of moles of solute/Number of kilo/grams of the solvent
Let wA grams of the solute of molecular mass mA be present in wB grams of the solvent, then
  Molality (m) = wA/mA×wB × 1000
Relation between mole fraction and Molality:
  XA = n/N+n and XB = N/N+n
  XA/XB = n/N = Moles of solute/Moles of solvent = wA/mB/wB×mA
  XA×1000/XB×mB = wA×1000/wB×mA = m
  or XA×1000/(1–XA) = m
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This is absolutely wrong...

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500% wrong answer.

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How it is wrong ..Anshika is correct i think
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I m also searching for this answer bt m not getting it !!!!!!
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Anshiks has given perfectly legit answer
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then what is the right answer????
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molality = mole fraction of solute/1-mole fraction of solute * molecular mass of solvent
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it is molality of solute=mole fraction of solurte * 1000/1-molefraction of solute * molecular mass of solvent
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there is an error but answer is correct
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molality is product of of wieght of solute(in mile gram) and ratio between mole fraction of solute and solvent.
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