what is the problem with the periodisation of indian history that james mill offers?

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The problem with the periodisation of Indian history by James Mill was that he divided the Indian society in three stages:
1.  Hindu
2.  Muslim
3.  British
However, this suggested that no other major changes took place in the history of India, other than the religious ones. Thus the
Indian scholars later classified Indian history into:
1.  Ancient
2.  Medieval
3.  Modern
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what bis colonial?

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Colonial is when subjugation by country leads to econic, social, cultural changes it is known as colonia

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The problem with James Mill periodisation was that he divided Indian History into Hiondu,Muslim and British and showed that there were no significant changes during the Hindu period and no muslim live there and in same in otrher periodisations. That is why this is the problem with the periodisation.

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 Why do we try and divide history into different periods???

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 Why do we try and divide history into different periods?

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Dear Student,

We divide history in different periods to have a better understanding of the subject matter of history.

Division of things makes it easy to learn and distinguish between different periods.


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In his massive three-volume work, A History of British India, James Mill divides Indian history into three periods -Hindu, Muslim and British. According to his prejudiced version of Indian history, the British rule represents all the forces of progress and civilisation, while the period before British rule represents darkness, ignorance, despotism, religious intolerance, caste taboos, superstitious practises, etc. However, the periodisation of Indian History on the basis of religion is problematic for several reasons. A variety of faiths, apart from Hinduism and Islam, existed in the periods categorised as Hindu and Muslim by Mill. Also, it is not right to classify an age according to the religion of the rulers of the time. To do so would suggest that the lives and the practises of the others do not really matter. Another point to keep in mind is that all rulers in ancient India did not share the same faith

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