What is the perimeter and area of a cricle polygon and oval

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Perimeter of circle = 2πr     Area of circle=πr2where, r is the radius of circlePerimeter of regular polygon = n×a   Area of regular polygon=12×perimeter×apothemwhere, n is the number of sidesa is the length of any sidePerimeter of oval (or ellipse) = 2πa2+b22   Area of oval (or ellipse) =πabwhere, a is the length of major axisb is the length of minor axis

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Perimeter of circle : 2πr where π is 3.14 and r is radius. Area of circle : πr square. Perimeter of polygon : add all the length. Area of polygon : 1/2 × length of polygon × height of polygon. Perimeter of oval : length of longest axis × length of shortest axis Area of oval : a × b × π where a and b are length of oval. Hope it helps!! All the best,!!
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