What is the message the author wishes to convey through the story "Mother's Day"? (Class 11, Snapshots)

Dear Student,

The story tries to stress the important role that housewives play in our lives. While people like Mr. Pearson are entitled to receive leaves from work and only work 8 hrs a day, housewives like Mrs. Pearson work 24*7 without any remuneration. Despite her immense contribution to the lives of her husband and children, she is taken for granted by them. Her work and sacrifice are not recognised by them. We must desist from such behaviour in our lives and recognise the contribution of our mothers and wives.


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Dear student,

Through the play, the author conveys the message that the woman in the house needs to be appreciated for all her efforts in keeping the house and the family in order. Our mothers and wives work hard daily, turning our houses into homes. They receive no wages, have no weekends off and work round the clock. Little do we realise the hard work they put in to make it all perfect. We take them for granted and never appreciate them or stop by to drop a word of 'thanks'. The story very clearly states that our mothers and wives have equal right to relax, to enjoy their lives and that they deserve acknowledgement and appreciation.

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