what is the meaning of this phrase"she was like the winter landscape in the mountains and exponce of pure white serenity breathing peace and contentment."

The narrator painted a beautiful portrait of his grandmother. She was old and so her skin had wrinkles and her hairs were white. Her white hair fell all over her face. She had stooped due to age. To balance her body she kept one hand on her waist. She had a very fair skin. The author considers her beauty as an attention-grabbing one. Her purity and chastity reflected in her outer beauty too. The author compares her beauty with the “winter landscape in the mountain”. He meant that as in winter the snowfall enhances the beauty of mountain and gives the whole white stretch of mountain a strange peaceful and tranquil effect in the same way grandmother enthralled the author. Just as the beauty of a mountain in winter is spell bounding, the narrator's grandmother also had a mesmerizing beauty. She was as if an embodiment of piety and purity.

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