What is the importance of staffing function in today's environment?


Staffing is an important function of management as it takes care of the manpower requirement of any organisation. In today‚Äôs environment with rapid changes taking place in technology, size of the organisations, etc. finding the right people for the job becomes critical. In such a scenario, proper staffing process plays an important role in the organisations. 

Following are the highlighted benefits of staffing in the current world scenario.

(i) Finding Competent Personnel: Staffing helps in finding and choosing the right personnel required for a job. 

(ii) Improves Efficiency: By ensuring that right people are placed for right jobs, the overall efficiency and performance increases. 

(iii) Growth of the Organisation: It ensures survival and growth of the organisation by appointing efficient and competent employees for various jobs.

(iv) Optimum Utilisation of Human Resources: Through proper manpower planning, staffing prevents over-utilisation or under-utilisation of manpower. In addition, it avoids interruption in working efficiency by suggesting, in advance if there is any unfilled job.

(v) Job Satisfaction: Compensation and fair rewards given to the employees provide them self-confidence and job-satisfaction. It encourages them to work diligently and give their best to the organisation.

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