What is the hybridisation of [PtCl4]2- and how?

To understand the hybridization scheme, it helps to start with the neutral Pt atom having electronic configuration of 5d10, then imagine it losing two electrons to become an Pt2+ion having electronic configuration of 5d8, followed by grouping of the two unpaired 5d electrons into a single d orbital due to large d orbital splitting, leaving one vacant. This vacant d orbital, along with the 6s and two of the 6p orbitals, can then accept an electron pair from four chlorines. Therefore,  [PtCL4]2-is dsp2 hybridised, square planar and diamagnetic.



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square bypiramidal / octa hedral

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 co.ordination no. is 4...how come octahedral..?

  its square planar..

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