what is the function of swollen petiole in water hyacinth?

The function of swollen petiole in water hyacinth is to provide the buoyancy to plant so that it can float on the surface of water.

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What is the function of swollen petiole in water hyacinth?

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 Aquatic plants often possess specialized parts that have allowed them to adapt to and thrive in their watery habitat. A handful of aquatic plants utilize inflated leaf stem, or petioles, for buoyancy and sometimes other purposes. In addition to these few plants with inflating stem , many aquatic plants, including waterlilies, have gas -conducting tissue in their leaf stems known as aerenchyma that moves air between the leaves and submerged roots.

  Water Hyacinth (Eichhoria Crassipes) is a free-floating aquatic plant native to South America but found throught much of the southern United States.  This plant can grow uop to 3 feet tall; features attractive, light blue to violet flowers on a terminal spike; has a thick, fibrous root system; and has dark green circular leaves attached to an inflated petiole.  Water hyacinth has an aggressive habit and can form thick , oxygen-depleting mats.

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