what is the format of the trial balance???

Format of a trial balance is as follows:

Trial Balance 

as on...

Heads of AccountL.F.Debit Balance(Rs)Credit Balance(Rs)
Capital A/c   
Bank A/c   
Cash A/c   
Purchases A/c   
Sales A/c   
Asset A/c   
Liabilities A/c   
Total _________________________________

Trial balance is prepared by posting the balances from the ledger accounts according to the balances appeared in the ledger accounts(debit or credit balance).

There can be many more heads which can be included in it.

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s.no. | particulars | balances(dr.) | balances(cr.)

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hope this helps...

plz do add ledger folio too before debit column. or refer to the book it is provided in the book.

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