what is the energy level diagram of N2 and F2?

The atomic number of Nitrogen is 7 and the electronic configuration is 1s2 2s22px12py12pz1. N2 molecule is consists of 2 N-atoms, the total number of electrons in N2 molecule is 14. In N2 molecule's energy level diagram can be drawn as:

On the similar basis, try to draw the molecular orbital diagram of F2 molecule yourself. The atomic number of F is 9 and its electronic configuration is 1s2 2s22px22py22pz1. The total number of electrons in F2 molecule will be 18. A point to remember here, is that F2 molecule has more than 14 electrons, therefore, the molecular orbital (σ2pz) will have lesser energy than molecular orbitals (π2px=π2py).

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