What is the elasticity of the demand curve in a perfectly competitive market and why?

 perfecly elastic demand because here the price remains fixed and the demand can change here the price shows the marginal revenue as well as average revenue and also the demand it is always a horizontal straight line parellel to ox axis 

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reason ;- 
any slight change in the price of good will leads to infinite change in demand . So it is called perfectly competitive firm where change in price is least possible and if changes it will give a disastrous consequence

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 jaspreet u mentioned if there a slight change in the price but the fact is that the price in imperfect market never changes and that is why perfeclty inelastic without price change there is a change in quantity demanded

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please read it from vk publication of economics 

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 i dont have that book

u just think 

how can price variation happen under perfect competition it always remains constant right ? 

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