what is the difference between zoospores and zygospores?

Zoospore is asexual flagellated spore whereas zygospore is formed after sexual reproduction when two different hyphae mate with each other in fungi and in some algae/protists.

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Zoospore is an asexual spore that is motile and moves with the help of flagellum. It is produced by some algae, bacteria and fungi while zygote is the result of fusion of male and female gametes during sexual reproduction and is not flagellated.

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A motile flagellated asexual spore, as of certain algae and fungi. Also called swarm spore.

A zoospore is a motile asexual spore that uses a flagellum for locomotion. Also called a swarm spore, these spores are created by some algae, bacteria and fungi to propagate themselves.

A zoosporangium is the sexual structure in which the zoospores develop in a plant, fungi, or protists (such as the oomycota)



A large multinucleate spore formed by union of similar gametes, as in algae or fungi.

A zygospore is a diploid reproductive stage in the life cycle of many fungi and protists. Zygospores are created by the nuclear fusion of haploid cells. In fungi, zygospores are termed chlamydospores and are formed after the fusion of hyphae of different mating types. In many eukaryotic algae, including many species of the Chlorophyta, zygospores are formed by the fusion of unicellular gametes of different mating types.


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