What is the difference between sp3d2 and d2sp3?!?

Octahedral coordination: sp3d2 and d2sp3

Many of the most commonly encountered transition metal ions accept electron pairs from donors such as CN and NH3 (or lacking these, even from H2O) to form octahedral coordination complexes. The hexamminezinc(II) cation depicted below is typical.

sp3d2 bonding in hexamminezinc(II)

In sp3d2 hybridization the bonding orbitals are derived by mixing atomic orbitals having the same principal quantum number (n = 4 in the preceding example). A slightly different arrangement, known as d2sp3 hybridization, involves d orbitals of lower principal quantum number. This is possible because of the rather small energy differences between the d orbitals in one “shell” with the s and p orbitals of the next higher one— hence the term “inner orbital” complex which is sometims used to describe ions such as hexamminecobalt(III), shown below.. Both arrangements produce octahedral coordination geometries.

d2sp3 bonding in hexamminecobalt(III)

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When do we have to include 4d orbitals for VBT?! Do we have to include it everytime?

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plz be more clear n presize
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If (n-1)d,ns&np orbitals are participating in hybridisation then it is d2sp3..
If ns ,np,&nd orbitals are participating then it is called as sp3d2
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If in a reaction the (n-1)d ,ns,np orbitals re taking part in bond formation then it is d2sp3 and if ns,np and nd orbitals takepart in bond formation then it is sp3d2
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