what is the difference between rennin and renin

Rennin Renin
Rennin is an enzyme secreted by gastric glands. Renin is a hormone secreted by kidneys.
It digests protein caseinogen present in milk into solid casein. It is produced by juxtaglomerular cells of kidney when blood pressure falls. It converts angiotensinogen in blood to angiotensin I and further to angiotensin II. Angiotensin II, being a powerful vasoconstrictor, increases the glomerular blood pressure and thereby GFR.

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Rennin : It is an enzyme (protein) secreted by kidneys to regulate the blood pressure. It's a digestive enzyme in gastric juice.

Renin :It is a hormone which is produced by the kidney to control blood sodium levels.Renin is a hormone produced by JG cells of kidney

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