What is the difference between orbit subshell and orbital?

These terms can be more easily defined using quantum numbers,
Orbit - An orbit also known as shell is basically the principal quantum number for that circular path in which electron is revolving around the nucleus. Orbit or shell number for an element's outermost shell is same as its period number.
eg-  Sodium -  1s2 2s2 2p3s1
in the above example, 1,2, 3 are principal quantum number for respective shell. As outermost shell is 3, sodium belongs to 3rd period.

Subshell- It is defined by azimuthal quantum number. In a shell, subshells are present. In above example 2s and 2p are subshells of 2nd shell.
Orbital- Each subshells contain certain number of fixed orbitals which are denoted by magnetic quantum numbers.


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