what is the difference between myopia and presbyopia?

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Myopia is a defect of vision in which a person clearly sees all the nearby objects but is unable to see the distant objects comfortably. A myopic eye forms the image of a distant object in front of its retina.

Myopia is caused by

(i)  Increase in curvature of the lens

(ii)  Increase in length of the eyeball
Myopia is corrected using a concave lens.
Presbyopia is a common defect of vision which generally occurs at old age. A person suffering from this type of defect of vision cannot see nearby objects clearly and distinctively. A presbyopic eye has its near point greater than 25 cm and it gradually increases as the eye becomes older.
It may also happen that a person suffers from both myopia and hypermetropia. This type of defect can be corrected by using bi-focal lenses. A bifocal lens consists of both convex lens (to correct hypermetropia) and concave lens (to correct myopia).
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myopia is shortsightedness : the person will not be able to see far off things...

in case of presbyopia the person will not be able to see both far objects and near objects...

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Defect of vision where an eye cannot see object clearly beyond a certain distance, through it can see nearby object clearly.
Loss of power of accommodation of the eye. It occurs in old age due to the gradual weakening of the ciliary muscles  
Using concave lens.
A bi-focal lens consists of both convex and concave lenses.


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whenever the presbyopia is defined , it is said that in this defect person is unable to see nearby objects clearly and distinctively............... and the 2nd case appears only sometimes.

So is the difference b/w hypermetropia and presbyopia only that - we cant see nearby objects clearly in hypermetropya and in the case of presbyopia sometimes we sufer from both myopia and hypermetropia????????????

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