what is the difference between MRS(marginal rate of transformation), MRS(marginal rate of substitution), MOC(marginal opportunity cost)?

MARGINAL OPPURTUNITY COSTrefers to the satisfaction of ones want at the expense of another want while marginal cost is the addition to total cost as a result of increasing output by one unit.

MARGINAL RATE OF SUBSTITUTION is the slope of the indifference curve. It is the rate at which the consumer is willing to give up certain units of a good in order to get an additional unit of another good. it is equal to the ration of the Marginal Utilities of the 2 goods.MARGINAL RATE OF TRANSFORMATION is the slope of the production possibiltiy frontier. it is the rate at which the producer is willing to give up the production of certain units of a good in order to increase the prpduction of the other good by 1 unit ( by shifting the inputs more towards the production of the last good). it is equal to the ratio of the marginal costs of the 2 goods.

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Thanks shilpa, for your kind information MOC(MARGINAL OPPORTUNITY COST)and MRT(MARGINAL RATE OF TRNSFORMATION)are same.

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1. MRS is the slope of IC

1 MRT is the slope of PPC .

2.It is the rate at which a consumer is willing to substitute one good for each additional unit of the other good.

2. It shows that for the production of every additional unit of one good, more and more units of other good has to be sacrificed

3. As we move along the IC ,value of MRS keeps on decreasing.

3. As we move along the PPC, the value of MRT Keeps on increasing.

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Sanyam and mayank u r also wrong

mrs = mrt, they are the slope of indifference curve

moc is totally different it is the slope of ppc
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MRT and MOC are the same thing showing the slope of ppc.MRT refers to the ratio of the no. of units of a good sacrificed to produce one additional unit of another commodity.It is called transformation curve because in this one commodity is tranformed into some other commodity.
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Marginal rate of substitution is the slope of indifference curve and MRS (Marginal rate of substitution) is also known as Marginal rate of transformation. MOC (Marginal opportunity cost) represents the slope of production possibility curve (PPC).
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Explain with the help of an example why is PPC concave to origin
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Production possibility curve look concave to the origin because of increase in marginal opportunity cost It means as additional unit of one commodity is increased more and more unit of other commodity Is sacrificed
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nice question
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MRS(Marginal rate of substitution) is the slope of IC
MRT(Marginal rate of tranformation) is slope of PPC
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MRS related to production... MRT related to consumption... The Best Differentiate
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MRS,MOC and MRS is same there is no difference
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Please find this answer

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The Difference Between the MRT, the Marginal Rate of Substitution (MRS)and Marginal opportunity cost(MOC) ... The marginal rate of substitution focuses on demand, while MRT focuses on supply. Marginal opportunity cost is an economic term that analyzes the effect of producing additional units of a product on the costs of a business as well as the opportunities the companies give up to produce more of a product.
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the difference between marginal
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This one increase that one don't increase
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