What is the difference between crystal lattice and unit cell?

 crystal lattice is the orderly array of points in space. i.e. a lattice is a structure of crystals where each lattice point represent an identical group of atoms.

a unit cell is a crystal structure that's the smallest group of atoms possesing the symmetry of the crystal. i.e. it is the fundamnetal unit of crystal lattice

assume if crystal lattice is a wall then d bricks r d unit cells

unit cells follow a pattern ....... n dat pattern is repeated to form a crystal lattice 


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The repetition of unit cell in space produce the crystal lattice.Unit cell is the smallest group of atoms which make up the crystal lattice.
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Crystal lattice is an arrangement of points in 3D or space .
Unit cell is the smallest part of a crystal lattice which when repeated in different directions forms a crystal lattice.
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1)A unit cell is the smallest repeating structural unit of a crystalline solid. 1)The crystal lattice can be drawn with the help of points representing constituent particals of a crystal. 2)When unit cells of the same crystalline substance are repeated in space in all directions, a crystalline solid is formed.
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