what is the difference between aneuploidy, euploidy and polyploidy and pleiotropy?

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Aneuploidy involves change in chromosome number by addition or deletion of less than a whole set of chromosome. Thus the organism gains or loses one or more chromosome but not the complete set.

Euploidy involves variation in complete set of chromosome in a cell or an organism.

Polyploidy involves a condition where multiplication of complete set of genome occurs. It can be of two types Autopolyploidy and Allopolyploidy.

Pleiotropy refers to the effect of a single gene on more than one character/ trait. Sometimes one trait will be very evident and other will be less evident.


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Aneuploidy- Any change in the no. of chromosomes in an organism.i.e.(n-1)or(n+1)
Euploidy- Change in no. of set of chromosome in an organism i.e.variation in one or more haploid set of chromosome.
Polyploidy- It is a type of euploidy in which change in more than one set of chromosomes.
Pleiotropy- A single gene product may produce more than one effect or control several phenotypes. eg. in Phenylketonuria
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