what is the basis of social division in india and gender division in society?

  • Segregation among the members of a society based on the factors like caste, race , religion or language is called as social division
  • Women face discrimination and oppression in almost every sphere of public and private life. Their forms may be subtle or non subtle.They face gender segregation at the workplace, they are not considered for promotions over men, a phenomenon called "glass ceiling" describes this situation. In private lives they are victim of patriarchal societies that fathoms on the subordination of women statuses and roles. The social institutions are so structuralised that women get subordinate roles than men. Institutions like family, marriage and rituals like dowry are just weapons to propagate the same. Dowry deaths, female foeticide, acid attacks, eve- teasing, molestation and rapes are some extreme forms of oppression of women.

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