what is suspense account ?

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suspense account is an account used temporarily to carry doubtful receipts and disbursements or discrepancies pending their analysis and permanent classification.

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suspene a/c is a a/c which is undefine account.  a temporarily account maintain for balancin the account. it is ne sided account

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suspense a/c is a temporary a/c that is created to rectify the errors in the trial balance.

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If the Trial Balance does not tally, the difference is put to a newly opened account "Suspense account" & the trial Balance is thus made to tally.

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this is easy way to learn:-
when an accountant was in a hurry to close the final accounts and the debit and credit balance does not matched, then he opened a temporary account called suspense account

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suspense a/c is dat a/c which is 2 b created when both debit nd credit side don't get equal 

it is 2 b added on dat side which is less 

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SuspenseA/c is an Account which is only used whenever the trial balance doesn't tally. Thus in order to tallt or match the trial bal. suspense account is need to be created. such an account further transferred to the B/s acc. to its balance(Dr./Cr.)

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Suspense a/c is an account which is prepared only when the trial balance does not tally. This account is made when the accountant forgets to do the double entry of any transaction.

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