what is stomata?

Stomata are tiny pores present mainly on the surface of leaves. They are also present on the surface of young stems and roots.Stomata consist of a stomatal opening or stoma, which is surrounded by two distinct epidermal cells known as guard cells. The opposing inner walls of the guard cells are thick and inelastic. The remaining walls are thin and elastic.

The main functions of stomata are:

1. Exchange of gases (for photosynthesis and respiration)

2. Transpiration (Removal of water from leaf surface)

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Stomata are the tiny pores present on the surface of leaves. These are surrounded by two bean shaped cells called guard cells

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stomata are tiny pores through which plants breathe.

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The stomata are pores in leaves. They are responsibe for gas exchange. Carbon dioxide enters through the stomata. Oxygen enters through the stomata.

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