what is simple present tense ? please give me some example

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Simple Present tense is a tence in which action is done in present. they shows daily routens and other activities acting in present.




Mohan goes to school everyday.

She reads story book in Library.

Sita eats a chocolate every day.

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Simple present has base form of verb but adds -s or -es for third person singular(i.e.,he,she,it) and other singular nouns.

  • The negative is formed with do/does+not+base form of the verb. example1. Ido not work. 2. We do not work.
  • The interrogative is formed with do/does+subject+base form of the verb. example 1. Do I work. 2. Do we work. 
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Examples : Tom lives in London.
                     I go to school.

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what is the deffernce between simple present tesce and simple present continouse and simple past tense in there intargative form, affarmative form and negetive form

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in simple tense we should add 's' or 'es' to verb

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