What is sieving?

Seiving is a technique of separating parts of a mixture by using a wire mesh or a screen. Large sized particles are separated from smaller ones by using a mesh. It is commonly used to remove unwanted substances from a mixture. For example: Seiving tea leaves from tea

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The process of separating smaller particles from bigger ones by passing them through a sieve is called sieving.

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Sieving is the separation process which is used when components of a mixture have different sizes and both are solid particles. For example sieving of wheat flour allows fine flour particles from the bigger impurity particles.

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The method of separation of finer particles from the bigger particles to get the useful as well as unwanted components of a mixture by using a sieve is known as sieving.It is used in :-

i)A flour mill, impurities like husk and stones are removed from wheat before grinding it.

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