What is Packaging? Explain the importance and functions of packaging?  please help immediately

Packaging refers to the process of developing and designing the container for a product. It enables differentiation and identification of a product from other products and it acts as a promotional tool. The use of colors, pictures, symbols in packaging helps in attracting the customers. For e.g shampoo is always in an airtight bottle or container so that it is easy to handle. 

Importance and functions of packaging:-
1. Packaging helps in differentiating a product from other similar products. 
2. With new and advanced packaging techniques the scope of marketing has widened. 
3. Overtime with the rise in the standard of living of the people, they have increasingly become conscious of their health. In such a situation the demand for properly packaged goods has increased. 
4. Nowadays, with the rise in self-service outlets, the importance of packaging has increased all the more and some of the functions as performed under personal selling for the promotion of the product have come under the purview of packaging. 

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