What is meant by sense of collective belonging. How was it practiced by the Indians in India?

A sense of collective belonging is a feeling of oneness among the people, it is that feeling which binds people of our country together transcending all differences. A feeling of collective belonging implies a strong sense of affiliation towards one's own country. It is this feeling that drives individuals to transform their thoughts and ideas into organized deeds of collective action.  

a. One may give examples of our nationalist movement where people collectively fought against the colonial yoke, against its oppressive policies in an attempt to free country from colonialism.

b . During the freedom struggle, people participated in large numbers against the British. Ideas, symbols like Bharat Mata, songs, folk tales played an important role in inculcating a feeling of collective belonging towards one's nation.

b. Recently, Movement against corruption, for Jan Lok Pal Bill as led by Anna Hazare was seen by political analysts and even media as the second freedom struggle, This time not against the foreign rule but to free country from corruption, from red tapism, from favoritism which has paralyzed our state mechanism. It did arouse national fervor among the people who united against all odds and fought relentlessly with Anna, to free their own country from the menace of corruption.


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