What is meant by photo -oxidation in chlorophyll-a ?

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Photo -oxidation in chlorophyll a means release of electrons from Chlorophylla (PSII/P680) after absorption of a photon. It occurs during noncyclic photophosphorylation. The electron move from oxidised chla to electron acceptor plastotoquinone and then further to other electon acceptors making electron transport chain. The oxidised Chlorophyll a accepts electron from donor (H2O) and this results in synthesis of molecular oxygen from water.

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Oxidation is a process in which something (an atom or molecule or substance) loses an electron to something else. Photo-oxidation is therefore the process of oxidation which is caused by shining light on it. Often, light can be used to cause reactions to happen, such as oxidation. The term "photo" comes from "photon" which is light.Photo-oxidation of chlorophyll a means it absorbs light and kicks out a number of electrons.


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