What is Journal entry for:   Paid for electricity charges 100. Experts please answer quick

electricity charges a/c    dr..      100  
to cash a/c 
being  paid for electricity charges  

  • 5
Electricity charges A/C Dr.
To cash A/C
  • -1
Electricity a|c
To cash a|c
(Being paid cash on electricity)
  • -1
Electricity Expense a/c dr.
To cash a/c
  • 0
electricity charges a/c   Dr       100
    to cash a/c                                         100
  • 0
electricity expenses a/c   dr.
To cash a/c
  • 1
Electricity charges A/c ...Dr. To Cash A/c (being the electricity charges paid by cash)
  • 3
Paid Electricity Bills
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