What is gravitational force

  • Gravitational force is a natural phenomenon by which physical bodies attract with a force proportional to their mass. 
  • Gravitational force surrounds us. It is what decides how much we weigh and how far a basketball will travel when thrown before it returns to the surface. The gravitational force on Earth is equal to the force the Earth exerts on you. At rest, on or near the surface of the Earth, the gravitational force equals your weight.
  • When two objects are gravitational locked, their gravitational force is centred in an area that is not at the centre of either object, but at the very centre of the system. The principle is similar to that of a see-saw. If two people of very different weights sit on opposite sides of the balance point, the heavier one must sit closer to the balance point so that they can equalize each others mass.
  • For instance, if the heavier person weighs twice as much as the lighter one, they must sit at only half the distance from the fulcrum. The balance point is the centre of mass of the see-saw, just as the barycenter is the balance point of the Earth-Moon system. This point that actually moves around the Sun in the orbit of the Earth, while the Earth and Moon each move around the barycenter, in their orbits. Each system in the galaxy, and presumably, the universe, has a barycenter. 

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