what is fedecor and what is the role of fedecor in bolivian water war?

 fedecor is an organisation of human right activists, labour, community people who fighted against privatisation of water in bolivia.it is due to theair succsesive strikes and agitation that bolivia got out of this problem 

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It played a major role in the war it was the organisation of he the people the came to a strike to take back the water fights to the government .

its role was if a very significant one even after a lot if times the struggle was stopped and even the martial law was imposed they did not stop their struggle .

It as all because of them the price of the water was back and proved the rights of democracy
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FEDECOR was the organisation which helped in the restoration of water rates in  Bolivia .
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They took initiative to solve the water crisis arose due to privatisation
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This organisation comprised local professionals , including engineers and environmentalists. they were supported by the federation of farmers who relied on the irrigation, the confederation of factory workers' unions, middle class students from the University of Cochabamba and the city's growing population of homeless street children. The movement was supported by the Socialist Party. In 2006, this party came to power in Bolivia. 
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