what is EMP pathway?

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Glycolysis is also known as EMP pathway.

  • Breakdown of glucose to pyruvic acid by partial oxidation

  • Scheme given by Embden, Meyerhof and Parnas

  • Common pathway for aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration

  • Occurs in the cytoplasm of a cell

  • Present in all living organisms

  • In plants, sucrose is converted into glucose.

  • A chain of 10 reactions converts glucose into pyruvate.

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 The series of biochemical reactions in which glucose is broken down to pyruvate with the release of usable energy in the form of adenosine-triphosphate. One molecule of glucose undergoes two phosphorylation reactions and is then split to form two triose-phosphate molecules. Each of these is converted to pyruvate. The net energy yield is two ATP molecules per glucose molecule. In aerobic respiration pyruvate then enters the citric-acid-cycle. Alternatively, when oxygen is in short supply or absent, the pyruvate is converted to various products by anaerobic respiration. Other simple sugars, e.g. fructose and galactose, and glycerol (from fats) enter the glycolysis pathway at intermediate stage.

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