what is double counting and who we avoid them

Double counting is the problem of including value of goods and service more than once while calculating national income. For example the sale of second hand goods should not be included while calculating national income as the value of that product was already included in the year it was produced. However, any brokerage or commission earned on sale then it should be included as this service has been provided in current year. ‚Äč
To avoid the problem of double counting, the value of only final goods and services should be included while calculating national income, while the value of intermediate goods and secong hand goods should not be considered.  

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Counting the value of goods and services more than onces is called DOUBLE COUNTING.This leads to over estimation of goods and services produced.To avoid the proplem of double counting we have to take the valus of final goods and services through value added in which the intermediate value of a commodity has been deducted.

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