what is difference between plant tissue and animal tissue ?

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Difference between plant and animal tissues:


Plant Tissue
Animal Tissue
They can change from one form to another
They cannot change from one form to another
They provide support
Some animal tissue helps in movement
The growth is unlimited
The growth is limited
categorized broadly into three tissue systems: the epidermis, the ground tissue, and the vascular tissue
can be grouped into four basic types: connective, muscle, nervous, and epithelial
They are also divided into meristematic tissues and permanent tissues
Manifestation of these tissues can differ depending on the type of organism
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1.Plant cells have cell wall while animal cells only have cell membrane.

2. Plant tissue has chlorophyll. animal tissue do not have chlorophyll, unless its a unicellular (bacteria).

3. Plant and animal tissues are made up of hundreds of thousands of plant and animal cells (respectively).

4. A plant cell is made up of many of the same components as an animal cell...but have some distinct and crucial differences.

5. Plant Tissue are also divide intro meristematic tissues and permanent tissues But Animal Tissues  manifestation of these tissues can differ depending on the type of organism. 

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difference between plants and animal tissue

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plants are stationary or fixed but animal move around

plants tissue has chlorophyll in it ,but animals do not have chlorophyll

the growth in plant is limited in certain regions,while this is not there in animals.

plants divide throught their whole life ,but animals do not divide.

plant tissue is again divided into meristamatic and permanent tissue

cell growth in animals is more uniform

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Plant Tissue 1. Dead supportive tissues are more abundant as compared to living tissue. 2. They require less maintenance energy. 3.There is differentiation of meristematic & permanent tissue. 4. Organisation is simple. 5. Tissue organisation is towards stationary habit. Animal Tissue 1. Living tissue are more common as compared to dead tissues. 2. Animals require more maintenance energy. 3. Such differentiation is absent. 4. Organisation is complex with the development of more specialised and localised organs and organ system. 5. Tissue organisation is towards high mobility.
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