what is difference between microspore and pollen grain?

microspore when develops a exine around it, is called a pollen grain.

in simple words when microspores mature they become pollen grains

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Microspore is one celled structure while Pollen grains are two or three celled structure
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The each cell of sporogenous tissue is a potential pollen . each cell is considered as microspore mother cell which undergoes meiosis to form microspore tetrad. This tetrads undergo mitotic decision to form the pollen grain.
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How looks like (figure)Decussate microspore and what kind of plants are founding?
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Pollen grains are partially germinated 2-3 celled structure whereas microspore are haploid male spore produce during microsporogenesis which form pollen grains after getting matured
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The main difference between microspore and pollen grain is that the microspore is a small spore in land plants, which develops into the male gametophyte whereas the pollen grain is a fine granule in seed plants, consisting of a reduced male gametophyte.
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Microspore develops and grows into male gametophyte or pollen grain....microspore is unicellular structure whereas pollen is multinucleate....microspore has less nutrients but pollen has more nutrients and food....development of microspore is endogenous only i.e. takes place inside microsporangia whereas pollen development is.
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