what is departmental store explain its merits, demerits and features

Departmental store is a retail institution that handles a wide variety of merchandise grouped into well defined departments for the purpose of promotion,service,accounting and control.

Merits of departmental stores:
1. They offer a wide variety of products to customers.
2. They offer a wide variety of customer services.
3. They are located in central parts of cities and thus attract a large number of customers.
‚Äč4. The departmental stores employ skill and competent staff as a result there is increased satisfaction of customers.

Demerits of departmental stores:
1. They have huge initial and operating expenses.
2.  It sells goods at higher prices.
3. There is a lack of personal touch in departmental stores.
4. There is a difficulty in supervision.

Features of departmental store are covered in our NCERT solutions. You can refer to the same following the below mentioned path.
Business Studies- NCERT solutions- Chapter 10 named as 'Internal Trade'-page 249-Long answer- ques 2


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