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Binomial nomenclature involves organizing an organism's scientific name into a combination of two terms. These terms are the genus name and the species. Both of these terms are italicized and the genus name is also capitalized.

For example, the scientific name for humans is Homo sapiens. The genus name is Homo and the species is sapiens.

Introduced by Linneus

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Binomial nomenclature was inntroduced by Carolus Linnanus.

BINOMIAL NOMENCLATURE is used for standardised naming of different organisms present on the earth.

These method is acceptable throughout the world.

ther are 4 rules of BINOMIAL NOMENCLATURE:-

1] ther are two different names which represent genus and species

2] 1st word is of genus and 2nd is of species.

3] Both the word are written and underlined seperately and also written in italcs.

4] 1st letter of genus is written in capital and 1st letter of species is writen in insmall.

It was founded by Carolus Linnaus.

e.g. Mangifera indica.

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