what is an equitable distribution of resources in a society and why is it necessary? state two factors which work against an equitable distribution of resources.

equitable distribution of resources is the equal distribution of resources among all. it is necessary because everyone have equal rights over the resources.

 factors against this are:

=limited resources

= influence of rich over the authorities

= greed and corruption

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Equitable distrubution of resources is when every individual gets an eual right to access alll the available resources and is benefitted , directly or indirectly.  Equitable distribution of resources is very important as we all human beings, whether rich or poor have got equal rights on the usage of the resources, it also avoids the division of society to an extent.

1 .  Lack of natural resouces

2. Excessive consumption by the rich.

3.   Profit motto by people exploiting resources.

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"All the water that falls on the land during rains does not immediately flow back into the sea". in how many different ways it is used
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explained in pradeep's biology
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Equitable distribution or resources is required because:
1. there will be continuous flow of sufficient resources to every section of the society
2. resources will not be exploited at the hands of a few persons

Forces acting against it:
1. accumulation of resources at the hands of a few people
2. limited amount of resources in nature

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The resources should be equitably distributed for the benefit of every individual who is a part of the society. The equal distribution will allow the flow of the resources in every generation and will make sure that everyone makes sustainable use of the resources. The resources should not be exploited by anyone. The forces acting against such type of distribution are
1. Huge amount of resources in the hands of certain people and
2. limited amount of resources available in the nature.

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What do you mean by equitable share of natural resources?
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