What is a periodic change??

Periodic change is the change which repeats itself after a fixed interval of time.

For example heart beat.

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It is a change which occurs repeatedly in same interval of time.Example-pendulam, hands of a clock.

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when an object repeat themselves movement  at reggular  interval of time it is said to have periodic change.eg rotation of earth , revolution of earth,motin of swing,movement of pendulam etc.

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the change which repeat it self at regular interval of time it is said to have periodic motion .eg motion of swing ,formation of day and night  etc.

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Periodic can be reffered to any thing which repeats after a constant interval of time.

Ex: Movement of clock., Movement of pendulum of a wall clock.

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 a change that repeats itself ater fixed intervals of time is called a periodic change.eg day and night

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Motion that repeats itself after same period of time is called periodic motion

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